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About Us


vuona supplies top quality, professional entertainment services for Film, Television, and Live Show Performance.

Our team has extensive experience in large and small scale productions in The United States, Europe, and Asia. From feature films, to special events, to theatrical productions, vuona delivers high quality in entertainment.



We provide high quality, professional stunt performance and coordination for film and stage. Safety and client satisfaction are our top priorities. With years of experience all over the world in a variety of settings, we are able to provide the performance and stunt coordination suitable for your needs.

  • Body Stunts
  • High Falls
  • Precision Driving / Vehicle Stunts
  • Fire Burns
  • Abseiling/Rappelling
  • Wire Work
  • Fighting/Choreography
  • Weapons
  • Acrobatics
  • High Diving
  • Camera Safety
  • And more...

Live Shows

vuona provides services to fulfil your live show productions needs.


We supply performers for long term contracts as well as one time events.

• Stunt Performers

• Acrobats

• Dancers

• Novelty Performers

• Variety Acts



We provide staff to get your production off the ground.

• Stunt Coordinators

• Choreographers

• Creative Directors

• Rigging

• Special EFX